(Washington, DC) Sunday marks the 35th celebration of National Grandparents Day in the United States, a reminder that we, as families and a nation, are indebted to those who came before us.

The following statements are from Eric Kingson and Nancy Altman of Social Security Works and the Strengthen Social Security Coalition:

“We are delighted to join families and local communities across the nation in celebrating the enduring contributions of grandparents.  We are especially mindful that each day 2.7 million grandparents take care of nearly 6 million grandchildren who live in their homes, homes for which Social Security is generally the largest source of income.  Those who came before us had the foresight to build the nation’s highways, schools and businesses; to make wise decisions that strengthened health care and expanded Social Security protections. It’s our job now to build upon and pass these gifts forward just as they have done for us and our children.”

-Eric Kingson, Founding Co-director of Social Security Works

“Caring for a child is a serious commitment.  It is important to honor, on this Grandparents Day, the lifelong  dedication to family, security and stability that grandparents provide.  Grandparents don’t simply provide homes and financial security; they provide examples for young people about the value of hard work, sacrifice and dedication to ideals.  That’s also why grandparents invested in our Social Security system, which embodies these same values, and have helped to build, through their support, an efficient and reliable insurance system for all generations.  The best way to honor all grandparents is to expand, not cut Social Security.”

-Nancy Altman, Co-chair, Strengthen Social Security Coalition