Check Out Presidential and Select Congressional Candidate Views on Social Security!

Presidential Candidates

Hillary Clinton
Democratic Nominee for President Hillary Clinton

Democratic Nominee for President

Tim Kaine
Democratic Nominee for Vice President

Democratic Nominee for Vice President

Clinton Pledges No Cuts
“I won’t cut Social Security. As always, I’ll defend it, & I’ll expand it.”

Clinton Supports Expansion
Promises to “Fight any effort to privatize or weaken Medicare and Social Security, and expand Social Security for future generations by asking the wealthiest to contribute more.”

Kaine Supports No Cuts by voting for the Wyden-Sanders Amendment to prevent cuts to Social Security benefits in the 114th Congress on March 24, 2015.

Kaine Supports Expansion by voting for the Warren-Machin Amendment to expand Social Security in the 114th Congress on March 27, 2015.

Donald Trump
Republican Nominee for President

Republican Nominee for President Donald Trump

Mike Pence
Republican Nominee for Vice President

Republican Nominee for Vice President

XTrump Open to cuts
“As our demography changes,
a prudent administration would begin to
examine what [Social Security] changes might
be necessary for future generations.”

XTrump Supported cuts in the past
In one of his
books, he compared Social Security to a Ponzi
Scheme and said that “Privatization would be
good for all of us” & “[Raising the retirement
age to] age seventy makes sense for people
now under forty”

XTrump Opposses Expansion
“Democrats…want to
increase [Social Security.] They want to
actually give more. And that’s what we’re up

XPence Supports Cutting Benefits: “I am for reforming our public entitlements for Americans who are far away from retirement. We need to keep promises to seniors that have been made, make sure that people who are counting on Medicare, Social Security have the benefits that they have. But for younger Americans, absolutely yes, we ought to bring real reform for the sake of future generations of Americans to get spending under control.”

XPence Supports Privatization Greater Than the G.W. Bush Plan: “Conservatives want to see personal retirement accounts that have immediate relevance to younger Americans, that they can see the value, and that will require that they be big and that they be implemented in the final bill without delay.”

XTrump Campaign
Sam Clovis, Trump Campaign Policy
Advisor: “After the administration has been
in place, then we will start to take a look at all
of the programs, including entitlement
programs like Social Security and
Medicare…We’ll start taking a hard look at
those to start seeing what we can do in a
bipartisan way.”

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Congressional Candidates