Nancy Altman
Founding Co-director, Social Security Works

AARP has asked all candidates to take a stand on the vital issue of Social Security. In fact, Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Democratic Party Platform have taken a powerful pro-Social Security stand. For that matter, Donald Trump and the Republican Party have taken a Social Security stand, too, though a disturbing one, which they seem to want to keep hidden from view. Their stand, once understood, should concern every Social Security beneficiary now and in the future.

Clinton and the Democrats recognize what most Americans know: Social Security is more important than ever. It is Americans’ most important, and often only, source of retirement income, life insurance, and disability insurance.

She and her fellow Democrats understand that our nation is facing a looming retirement income crisis, where traditional pensions are disappearing and too many Americans fear they will never be able to retire with dignity and independence. They recognize that our Social Security system is the nation’s most efficient, universal, secure, and fair source of retirement income, as well as pre-retirement income in the event of disability or premature death, leaving dependent children.

That is why Clinton and her fellow Democrats are committed to fighting to expand Social Security. It is why Clinton and the Democratic Party oppose all cuts, which would only exacerbate the looming crisis. They understand that expanding Social Security is a solution.

In addition to expanding Social Security’s cash benefits, Clinton and her fellow Democrats are fighting to restore an invaluable Social Security benefit that has been weakened for most Americans and lost altogether for many. That is the benefit of security, peace of mind.

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