Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Linda Benesch, [email protected]

Tonight’s Debate Reveals Candidates’ Stark Contrast on Social Security

(Washington, DC) — The following is a statement from Nancy Altman, founding co-director of Social Security Works, in response to the exchange about Social Security during tonight’s debate:

There was only one champion of Social Security on the debate stage tonight. Hillary Clinton demonstrated, as she has throughout the campaign, that she understands the importance of Social Security and recognizes the need to expand, not cut, the system’s vital benefits. She did not let Chris Wallace’s highly misleading “crisis” framing take away from her strong position.

In contrast, Donald Trump’s claims that he “won’t touch” Social Security are not to be trusted. In the past, Trump has called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme,” supported raising the retirement age to 70 and endorsed privatization. The GOP platform, Trump’s choice of running mate, and his advisers all indicate that his true position hasn’t changed – he just knows how unpopular cuts are.”


Social Security Works is the convening group in the Strengthen Social Security Campaign, a coalition comprised of more than 350 national and state organizations representing more than 50 million Americans from many of the nation’s leading aging, labor, disability, women’s, children, consumer, civil rights and equality organizations.