Monday, March 13th, 2017


Linda Benesch, [email protected]

CBO Confirms that Trumpcare is An Attack on Seniors

(Washington, DC) — The following is a statement from Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, in reaction to the score of the so-called American Health Care Act (AKA “Trumpcare”) that the Congressional Budget Office (whose head was handpicked by Paul Ryan and Tom Price) released today:

“Today’s report from the CBO shows just how devastating Trumpcare would be for older Americans. The bill would result in 24 million Americans losing their insurance with 14 million losing it almost immediately. The report confirms that older, poorer, and sicker Americans will be most likely to lose their insurance, and those who don’t will be faced with massive premium increases.

The CBO also found that by imposing caps on Medicaid payments, Trumpcare would force states to restrict eligibility, cut benefits, and reduce coverage — including cuts to long-term care services and supports that seniors rely on. The bill would result in 14 million fewer Medicaid enrollees by 2026 — a clear violation of the promise Trump made to the American people not to cut benefits.

This report confirms that Trumpcare is a massive tax giveaway to the wealthy, paid for with the health of the American people, especially seniors.”


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