Although Donald Trump has repeatedly pledged not to cut Social Security, Americans’ earned protections are under threat by continued, harsh cuts to the operating budget of the Social Security Administration (SSA). These cuts are occurring despite the fact that the services provided by SSA have already been paid for by the American people.

Cuts to SSA’s budget have already forced the agency to close field offices, reduce staff and office hours, and freeze hiring—resulting in increased wait times and deteriorations in SSA’s world-class services. Further reductions will greatly limit SSA’s ability to administer benefit payments while also maintaining critical services to the public. To ensure that SSA can continue to provide Americans with the world-class, in-person services they deserve and have paid for, cuts to the agency’s operating budget should be reversed, and Congress should allow SSA to restore and expand the vital services it provides to the American people.

Continued Cuts to Social Security Administration Harm All Americans