conor lamb

March 14, 2018

: Linda Benesch, lbenesc[email protected]

Conor Lamb’s Victory Shows that Democrats Win By Fighting for Social Security and Medicare

Below is a statement from Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, in response to Conor Lamb’s victory in the PA-18 special election tonight: 

“Tonight’s results demonstrate that when Democrats run on protecting and expanding Social Security and Medicare, they win. Lamb’s victory is a repudiation of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan‘s plans to gut the American people’s earned benefits. 

Democrats in races across the country should follow Lamb’s example and make Social Security, Medicare, and lowering prescription drug prices a centerpiece of their campaigns. Voters will reward them in November.

Social Security Works PAC, the political arm of Social Security Works, endorsed Lamb and raised over $8,000 for his campaign from over 560 individual donors.    

Additional Resources: 

New National Polling Shows Widespread Support For:

  • Expanding Social Security 66%
  • Expanding Medicare 64%
  • Taking federal action to lower prescription drug prices 84%