Jasmine Wigfall is the Legislative Director at Social Security Works in Washington, D.C. where she leads advocacy work to expand Social Security, Medicare and lower prescription drug prices. Jasmine’s work at Social Security Works includes lobbying on behalf of economically disadvantaged communities to Congress and the White House.

As the Legislative Director for Social Security Works, Jasmine convenes and manages the legislative committee for the 350 organizations that make up the Strengthen Social Security Coalition. Additionally, she previously served as co-chair of the income security committee of the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations. During her time at Social Security Works, Jasmine has been featured on The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow and The Thom Hartmann Show.

Jasmine graduated from the University of Virginia (UVA) with a Bachelor of Arts in economics. She additionally received a Master of Public Policy degree from the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at UVA.

Jasmine lives in Virginia with her husband, Reeco, and her two wonderful stepchildren.