Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Linda Benesch, [email protected]

(Washington, DC) — Today, Social Security Works and Data for Progress released new drug price polling showing that voters of every political persuasion support bold, innovative solutions to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

These solutions include competitive drug licensing, public drug manufacturing, and publically funded research and development. Support for them cuts across all of our society’s traditional fault lines, including ideology, geography, race, religion, and preferred news source.

The release of the drug price polling comes ahead of this morning’s hearing in the Subcommittee on Health of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, entitled “Making Prescription Drugs More Affordable: Legislation to Negotiate a Better Deal for Americans.”

“The only way to curb big pharma’s greed, and ensure that all of us have the medications we need to preserve our life and health, is with bold solutions that directly take on patent monopolies,” said Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works. “This new research shows that not only are these solutions the right policy, they’re also a political no-brainer for any politician who cares more about voters than their big pharma donors.”

Below is an infographic highlighting the polling results:

drug price polling