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November 1st, 2019
Contact: Linda Benesch, [email protected]socialsecurityworks.org
(Washington, DC) — The following is a statement from Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s newly released Medicare for All plan:

“Medicare For All doesn’t cost money. It saves money by eliminating the for-profit waste in the insurance system and ending the rip off of paying the highest drug prices in the world. That’s why “how will you pay for it?” has always been a completely false premise. The real question about Medicare for All is who gets the savings.

Warren’s plan shows that she has the right answer. She divvies up the savings so that working families and seniors receive maximum benefit. Her plan expands Medicare to include long-term care, vision, dental, and hearing, while also ending all out-of-pocket health care expenses. In short, better benefits at a lower cost.”